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July 4, 2022

Episode #14 History of & Changes to the Temple Ordinances with Moroni Jessop

Episode #14 History of & Changes to the Temple Ordinances with Moroni Jessop
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So first let me apologize that I didn’t get this episode out sooner. The audio in spots is kind of rough due to some bad internet connections so I was really working the audio over to try and clean it up so that’s why this is a few days late. However despite some rough patches this episode is one of the most important I think I have done to date. On this episode I have on Moroni Jessop. This is normally the spot where I tell everyone a little about my guest…but let’s be honest its Moroni Jessop…everyone in fundamentalism knows who he is!! Anyway he came on and we talked about the history of and changes made to the temple ordinances. Now about the last half hour of this podcast interview Moroni and I end up talking about a pretty controversial topic. I am sure that last segment of the podcast will end up ruffling some feathers….in fact this might just turn some folks off on the podcast. Now I hope this doesn’t happen but I told you the listener early on that I was going to be truthful with you in my search for truth and authenticity. I have counted the cost on this episode and know this may cost me but to stay true to who I am it’s something that had to happen.

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