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The Mormon Renegade Podcast

The Mormon Renegade Podcast

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Episode #60: Dave Goes To Relief Society W/Anne, Melissa, Andrea, Charlotte, & Terresa

March 25, 2023

One of the things we as fundamentalists and even traditional LDS folks fight against is stereotypes. Some of the worst stereotypes are reserved for women who are fundamentalists or are traditional LDS. You hear the same accu…

Episode #59: The Temple Covenants, What Is The Differences Between The Original Ordinances & What is Practiced Today in LDS Temples & Why it Matters W/Dan Hatch

March 18, 2023

About a month ago the LDS church announced that they had made sweeping changes to the Temple ordinances, specific the endowment. With that in mind I thought now would be a good time to have a conversation about the Temple. I…

Episode #58: Understanding The SVB & Signature Bank Collapse W/Kelsey Williams

March 14, 2023

So let me paint you a picture. I left early Friday morning to head to where our Churches Temple is. I get very little cell coverage. I visited with friends, attended the Temple, attended Church on Sunday and left for home ab…

Episode #57: Fighting Back Against Revisionist History Concerning Joseph Smith & Plural Marriage W/Jacob Vidrine

March 11, 2023

If you remember a few weeks back I had an epic conversation with Kimberley Watson Smith where she laid out the scriptures and proved that Celestial Plural Marriage is a divine principle. On this episode of the podcast I have…

Episode#56: Instalment 5 in the Jewish Calendar Series, Purim W/Joshua Erickson

March 9, 2023

Today I have Joshua Erickson back on the podcast to continue our series on the Jewish Calendar and Holidays. Now if you remember Joshua and I have had a few talks up to this point. If you haven’t listened to any of our prior…

Episode #55: The Infiltration of Our Churches, Schools, & Institutions W/Julie Behling Part 2

March 4, 2023

On part 2 of my conversation with Julie we go deep into the roots of communism. We talk about the ideology, the practice, and failed promises of communism. We then take a deeper dive into the infiltration of communism in Ame…

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This book should be in every Mormons home Library!!! https://beneathsheepsclothing.com/   I have been very careful on this podcast to only adve…