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April 15, 2023

Episode #64: Recollections Of Rulon C Allred W/C.W. Orison

Episode #64: Recollections Of Rulon C Allred W/C.W. Orison
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There are certain men whos influence looms large over Mormonism. Few are larger than that of Rulon Allred. On this episode I have on a gentleman who knew Rulon Allred personaly. He worked with him, talked with him and learned at this prophets' feet. In this episode we cover not only personal impressions but also how Rulon interacted with his family, his ministry, we even cover an account of David O Mckay referring individuals to Rulon Allred to be taught about fundamentalist principles, we then cover his assassination and finish up with the legacy Rulon Allred left.

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