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Feb. 18, 2023

Episode #51: Debunking the Claim That "Joseph Smith Didn't Teach & Live Plural Marriage" Plus Scriptural Proof of the Principles Divinity W/Kimberly Watson Smith

Episode #51: Debunking the Claim That

So today on the podcast I have Kimberley Watson Smith back on. Now for those of my listeners that have been with me here from the beginning will remember I had her on the podcast just about a year ago to debunk the movie “Who Killed Joseph Smith?” Well the same folks that are perpetuating that falsehood are now piling on a making the claim that Joseph Smith never introduced or practiced plural marriage. So Kimberly and I have a conversation debunking that idea. Now Kimberly doesn’t just debunk the idea that Joseph never taught or practiced plural marriage through historical accounts but she then dives into the scriptures to prove that Celestial Plural Marriage is a true principle. Now I want you to have a pen and paper handy through this podcast because we take a deep dive and you will want to write down a whole bunch of scriptures to go back and read later. Prepare to have your mind blown --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dave-kirkenbower/support