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Dec. 26, 2022

Episode #43: Getting Prepared W/Marcello Surjopolos

Episode #43: Getting Prepared W/Marcello Surjopolos
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So I feel like I have had guests on that have a done great job in breaking down just how fragile our economy is and just how bad it can get. Now I hate being the guy who says hey something is wrong and not give you some solutions or steps to get you through. I have searched high and low for someone I feel like is well grounded and knows what they are talking about. Well finally by asking around and doing a little bit of networking I found that guy. His name is Marcello Surjopolos. Marcello is the business owner of Food Storage Depot. This guy lives and breathes this topic. On this episode we get a little bit of info on who he is and how he got into emergency prep. We then talk about some of the challenges you could face in the near future that may force us into these kinds of situations. We then move into the realm of solutions. Marcello then gives a quick explanation of the 7 principles of being prepared and just not survive but thrive in an emergency situation. Finally at the end he gives you the listener an opportunity to become better prepared. Now I normally don’t advertise anything on this podcast. I break that rule on this episode. I have looked at Marcello’s business and talked to him off the podcast and can fully endorse the goods and services he provides. Click the link below to sign up for a 5 day seminar with Marcello where he goes into a deep dive into how you can be prepared to get through any emergency.

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