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Nov. 26, 2022

Episode #38: (ATTENTION PARENTS) The Dark Root Of The Public Education System W/Russ Barlow

Episode #38: (ATTENTION PARENTS) The Dark Root Of The Public Education System W/Russ Barlow
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So just the day before Thanksgiving my buddy sent me a news article that told the story of an elementary school in California who had authorized an after school club for Satanists. Let me say that again…an elementary after school club for Satanists. I found the timing interesting because just a few days before that I had a conversation with Russ Barlow about the state of public education. Now for those who haven’t listened to Russ’s first time on the podcast I would encourage you to go back and listen to episode #35. Now on this episode Russ and I take deep dive on how modern education has got to the point it has in regards to indoctrinating our children. As Russ and I explore the origins of public education there are many points at which I get freaked the hell out on just how evil and insidious the design was. By three quarters of the way into our conversation you will no longer be wondering how a story like the one I mentioned earlier can happen in public education. Here’s the good news, at the end Russ gives a very candid answer on what we can do as parents to save our children. Now in a first for this podcast I have video for this episode. The reason I did this is I felt the visuals that Russ uses are super important. So you can see that here or at my YouTube channel Mormon Renegade Podcast and for those who prefer just to listen that format is available as well. That’s next on this episode of the Mormon Renegade podcast.


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