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Nov. 12, 2022

Episode #35: Science With No Agenda, Exploring the Universal Model W/Russ Barlow

Episode #35: Science With No Agenda, Exploring the Universal Model W/Russ Barlow
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No matter what kind of society people live in, societies have narratives. The narratives that any society or group espouses or believes becomes the framework on how that society or group functions and behaves. So let’s look back at the pandemic, where the narrative was “follow the science”. Around climate change the narrative has been “the science is settled”. It is from the starting point of those two narratives that society has made its decisions concerning public policy. So let’s look at the outcomes in our society of operating in that narrative. In the case of Covid we had business lost, people isolated, and children’s development stunted. In the case of climate change we have had whole sectors of the energy production industry shut down which has caused skyrocketing prices on almost everything.

So what if the science we follow isn’t correct? What if the science hasn’t been settled? “SPOILER ALERT…The science is never settled. That is the whole point of science”. Now as Mormons and believers in the Judeo-Christian tradition we have been taught that we can’t comment on science because we believe in a God. But as Mormons and believers shouldn’t we expect science to work seamlessly hand in hand with our religions? What if I told you it did?

On this episode I have on Russ Barlow. Russ is a man who along with others has dedicated a good portion of his life to learning and studying science. The fruit of that study is the Universal Model. The Universal Model is a look at science without an agenda. It is based on evidence and experiments that tests the current scientific narrative. As I have looked at the Universal Model it is hard to poke holes in what it teaches. When you approach the Universal Model from an honest perspective what you find is that Science and the revealed word of God walk seamlessly together. Throughout my conversation with Russ my mind was blown several times at what the Universal Model teaches and how it teaches it. Now I normally don’t do this but you will want to make sure you tune in for a follow up conversation that Russ and I will be having in a couple of weeks because it is going to be epic. Also for this episode you are going to want to go to the website. There you will find the pictures we reference in this episode as well as a code for 20% off if you choose to buy the Universal Model Curriculum. 

Truthseekersfoundation.com/um & use the Code Renegade20 for 20% off Materials

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