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Feb. 11, 2023

Episode#50: The State of Mormonism Today W/Taylor Smith

Episode#50: The State of Mormonism Today W/Taylor Smith

So Joe Biden gave his state of the union address this week and despite all of the hype speech and lies I think we all know things aren’t good. Well it’s funny how God works; on this episode I have Taylor Smith back on the podcast. Taylor breaks down what he thinks the state of Mormonism is. Taylor and i cover some fascinating scripture about the prophesied apostasy in the latter days, We then touch on this week’s temple ordinance changes as well as the changes made over the decades, then we talk about and what those changes really mean for the exaltation of those who participate in those changed ordinances. Now you will notice that while Taylor and I don't agree on everything we do come to the same conclusion that all is not well in Zion.

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