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March 14, 2023

Episode #58: Understanding The SVB & Signature Bank Collapse W/Kelsey Williams

Episode #58: Understanding The SVB & Signature Bank Collapse W/Kelsey Williams
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So let me paint you a picture. I left early Friday morning to head to where our Churches Temple is. I get very little cell coverage. I visited with friends, attended the Temple, attended Church on Sunday and left for home about two o’clock Sunday afternoon. On the drive home I just was thinking to myself “man I love it when I can just unplug and feast spiritually. About the time I got back into town my phone started blowing up. I looked and two banks had collapsed. Now if you have listened to this podcast for a while you know I have had some real concerns on the economy and this only served to prove that those fears were well founded. So I called Kelsey Williams and we had a conversation about what these bank collapses really mean. Stick around for some unfiltered information on the economy from a guy far smarter than me.





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