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Sept. 20, 2022

Episode #26: Idaho’s Totalitarian Experiment W/Sara Brady

Episode #26: Idaho’s Totalitarian Experiment W/Sara Brady
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So two years ago when we were in full lockdown because of Covid there were a few things that I saw that really shocked me. One of those was Idaho’s response to Covid. I have said before on the podcast that I lived for quite a few in Idaho so I felt like I had a pretty good idea on what their government leaders were like. I have to admit that I was wrong. I was shocked to see the draconian measures that the state took in locking down its population.

One story that was especially jarring for me was the story of Sara Brady. She was the mom who had dared to take her kids to a park in Meridian Idaho. She was arrested and booked into jail. Sara’s story caught the attention of not only the internet but also the national news media. Then as the media often does it just forgot to follow up.

Today on the podcast I have Sara on to tell her story and the legal fight she has been having for two years and her upcoming hearing in Ada County Boise. Idaho didn’t stop with Sara however. We also cover the story of Robert Jones, a man in Boise who was arrested for protesting and jailed with a charge of disturbing the peace. Robert was given a choice of either a six month long sentence in an Ada County jail or one month and having to take a “thinking errors” course.  Robert chose not to submit to the course and now is serving six months in jail.

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