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Sept. 11, 2022

Episode #24 Saving True Mormon History W/L. Hannah Stoddard

Episode #24 Saving True Mormon History W/L. Hannah Stoddard
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On this episode I have on Hannah Stoddard. Hannah is the Director of the Joseph Smith Foundation which seeks to defend the Restoration as given through the Prophet Joseph Smith. They do this by battling false narratives and staying true to and telling accurate history and defending Joseph Smith and other early LDS Church Presidents. Hannah and I have a conversation about how the Joseph Smith Foundation was started and the work that they do. Later we discuss current efforts of so called historians in revising and rewriting early LDS Church history. In our conversation Hannah does an amazing job of telling the story of how this revisionist history first got started and all the players involved. We also discuss how the tactics used in rewriting LDS history is almost an exact duplicate of how academics rewrote American history concerning the nation’s founders. Towards the end of our conversation Hannah offers fantastic solutions on how faithful Mormons of all types can combat this insidious attempt at rewriting Mormon history. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dave-kirkenbower/support