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Aug. 27, 2022

Episode #22 The Economy & Gold W/Kelsey Williams

Episode #22 The Economy & Gold W/Kelsey Williams
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So did you see what happened to the Dow Jones yesterday? Yeah down 1,000 points and that’s on top of the markets either being nearly flat or down all week. Something is happening within the economy that has every alarm bell in my gut going off at once.

On this episode I have Kelsey Williams back on. Kelsey has worked in finance in one form or another for well over 40 years. He is the author of two books First Inflation: What it is, What it isn’t and Who’s responsible for it and his second book All hail the fed. He also has written and published many articles both for his website as well as other publications. All these resources can be found in the show notes.

On this episode we talk about gold. Look purchasing gold can kind of be intimidating. Couple that with misconceptions on why someone should buy gold and you have a recipe for being overwhelmed. Kelsey and I breakdown the history of gold, options for the way to purchase gold, and a how you he recommends you should view owning gold. We also go into the state of the economy today and even talk about some potential scenarios for where the economy is headed.





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