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April 22, 2023

Episode #65: How Close Are We To The Saviors' Return W/Ken Peterson

Episode #65: How Close Are We To The Saviors' Return W/Ken Peterson
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Well here we are, the economy is shaky, we are in at least a proxy war Russia, China is rattling its saber threatening to invade Taiwan, Canada has begun euthanasia for depressed teens, and here at home there is a large portion of our society that thinks gender mutilation of our children is a good idea, oh and that’s on top of abortion still happening. It feels like the whole world is in commotion and descending into a dark chaos. Now it is true that we don’t know the day or hour the Savior will make His return, but He did give us some signs to keep a look out for. On this episode I have Ken Peterson back on the podcast. In our conversation we go over a list of signs that have been given to watch out for to get an idea of how close we might be. Now I am not a fan of the game of “pin the tail on the apocalypse” but as we go through this list I think you will see we are quite a ways down the road. We ultimately end on high note as we talk about what it will be like to meet the Savior.

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