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Feb. 4, 2023

Episode #49: Therefore Choose Life W/Deanna Holland of Pro-Life Utah

Episode #49: Therefore Choose Life W/Deanna Holland of Pro-Life Utah

Ok Parental Advisory time. Younger children probably under the age of thirteen shouldn't be listening to this episode!!! I take every episode of this podcast seriously. But this episode, but this episode is as serious as a heart attack. I had a good friend once that said, "if you look at the Old Testament God finally lets judgment come to Israel every time, they start sacrificing their children to Baal and Moloch." Well, the practice of sacrificing children is still here and I am not just speaking figuratively. On the podcast today I have Deanna Holland. She is one of the organizers of Pro-Life Utah. Today we have a conversation about abortion. We cover the history of this horror show both pre and post Roe V. Wade, then we talk about the actual practice, after that we talk about the Dobbs decision and what it actually means regarding ending the practice of abortion and new flash it isn't as great as we would all like, Finally we talk about what you can do to join the fight and etch your name in the book of life. I am pretty used to getting a certain amount of hate mail from the other side but after this episode I think that will go up ten fold and I am just fine with that. I have counted the cost and I will die on this hill. This just might be the most important episode I have ever done and that's next on this episode of the Mormon renegade podcast.

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