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Jan. 7, 2023

Episode #45: You Are Qualified: Home Schooling Ideas & Techniques W/Russ Barlow

Episode #45: You Are Qualified: Home Schooling Ideas & Techniques W/Russ Barlow
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So I have said it before I don't like talking about a problem without talking about a solution. I have had a couple of episodes that have really broken down just what kind of mess public education is and just how much danger there is there. On this episode I have Russ Barlow on again to talk about his family's experience in home schooling. Russ breaksdown exactly how he and his wife were able to educate their children at home with a practical easy to follow method. What I am hoping you the listener takes away from this episode is a knowledge that you can educate your own children and that despite what the so-called experts say you are capable and qualified to educate your children. If you head over to my YouTube channel you can see the materials Russ uses in the video. Now like last time if you go to mormonrenegade.com and click on this episode page you are going to find a code that you can use to get 20% off the materials Russ talks about and references in this episode. Thats next on this episode of the Mormon Renegade Podcast. 

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