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Dec. 3, 2022

Episode #39 The Life Of Martin Harris W/Kent Pickering

Episode #39 The Life Of Martin Harris W/Kent Pickering
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By now everybody knows that I am a huge nerd for history. I am completely fascinated by the historical figures in the early days of the Restoration. On this episode I have the chance to sit down and have a conversation with Kent Pickering. Kent is an amateur historian on the life of Martin Harris. Now Kent’s interest in Martin Harris is a personal one he is a direct descendant of Martin Harris. So not only does his love of history come through on this episode but there are times in our conversation where you can feel the love Kent has for Martin Harris. Our conversation ranges from the early life of Martin Harris to his conversion to Mormonism, his monetary support to for the printing of the Book of Mormon, to his falling away from the Restored Gospel, to his time in Kirtland after the Saints left to his ultimate return to the saints in Utah. Stick around for a fascinating conversation on the life of Martin Harris.

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