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July 12, 2022

Episode #15: One Continuous Covenant With Joshua Erickson

Episode #15: One Continuous Covenant With Joshua Erickson
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On this episode of the podcast I sit down and have a conversation with Joshua Erickson. I have known Joshua for about a year. He is a Mormon Fundamentalist that takes a very holistic view of Mormonism. Rather than seeing the gospel and restoration in a New Testament & Old Testament sort of way he tends to look at it from the whole. The outgrowth of having this point of view is that Joshua and his family practice Mormonism in conjunction with holding to many ancient Jewish traditions including celebrating the feast days as outlines in the Old Testament. We cover that as well as touch on other subjects such as America being a continuation of the story of the House of Israel that and more next on this episode of the Mormon Renegade Podcast

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